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Madagascar cacao comes from the Akesson BEJOFO estate which has been designated a fine flavor cacao by the International Cacao Organization and a heirloom cacao from the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Project (HCP).

The BEJOFO ESTATE is a 2000-hectare (4942 acre) farm and has been producing its world famous cacao since 1920. This chocolate has a smooth creamy mouthfeel with bright forward flavors of fruit and a distinct overlay of a caramelized sugar and sweet toffee.

The texture is silky and smooth, providing an indulgent mouthfeel. Ideal for those who appreciate the bright notes of single-origin chocolate, our Madagascar bar highlights the exceptional quality and distinctive taste of Madagascar's cacao, inviting you to savor the sophisticated and vibrant flavors of this single-origin chocolate.

Vendor BOHO Chocolate
Type Chocolate Bar
Size 3 oz (85g)
Sku 7206
Barcode 850699007206
Weight 0.19 lb