100% Dark Chocolate

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Our 100% Pure Dark Chocolate Bar delivers the ultimate dark chocolate experience, designed exclusively for the true chocolate aficionado. With no additives, this bar showcases the raw, powerful essence of premium cocoa at its most intense. It's smooth, rich, and undeniably bold, perfect for those who desire chocolate in its purest form.

Ideal for baking, cooking, or direct consumption, this bar provides a deep cocoa flavor that enhances any recipe or tasting session. Made with ethically sourced cocoa beans, our 100% Dark Chocolate Bar is a responsible choice for those committed to sustainability and quality. Experience the purest taste of cocoa with our 100% Pure Dark Chocolate Bar.
Vendor BOHO Chocolate
Type Chocolate Bar
Size 3 oz (85g)
Sku 7237
Barcode 850699007237
Weight 0.19 lb